A tale of middle school romance
Kidding, kidding. It’s true that we both went to Eckstein Middle School in Seattle and took many of the same classes. However, it’s doubtful that we ever made eye contact, despite the obvious appeal of Allie’s glittery purple braces and Julian’s black hoodie printed with blue flames.
Our story actually begins at the University of Washington. We re-met as freshman when we happened to live in the same dorm, and again as juniors when we happened to enroll in the same art history class. The class was just dull enough to give us plenty of time to bond through back-and-forth doodling in the margins of our notebooks. In December 2011, we officially started dating. Not too long after, Julian borrowed the keys to the campus planetarium to show Allie the stars, and we said we loved each other for the first time.
After graduating in 2013, we spent several years living and working in Ballard. In 2016, we drove from Seattle to Boston so Julian could begin a graduate program in physics and Allie could pursue graphic design.
In July 2019, Julian invited Allie on a “birthday trip” to a cabin in New Hampshire. We hiked, saw fireflies for the first time, and grilled way too much food. To Allie’s (somewhat) surprise, Julian proposed under the stars, on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Allie said yes just as a few drops of rain fell, and then stopped—it was magical! 
Despite the uncertainty that surrounds us right now, we’re so excited to get married and celebrate with all of you!